Compositions written for MELIA WATRAS

Photo by Michelle Smith-Lewis

Photo by Michelle Smith-Lewis


Charles Corey:
In Paradisum for viola and Harmonic Canon (2017)

Brent Michael Davids:
Viola Jokes for viola and tenor (2005)

Orlando Jacinta García:
the clouds receding into the mountains for solo viola and chamber orchestra (2017)

Richard Karpen:
I’m just saying… for solo viola and chamber orchestra (2019)
Tertium Quid for violin, viola and piano (2015)
Bicinium for violin and viola (2014)
Aperture for amplified viola and interactive electronics (2006)

Garth Knox:
Stranger for viola and viola d'amore (2014)

Shih-Wei Lo:
Timelapse/Gesture for amplified viola (2011)

Juan Pampin:
Nada for viola and live electronics (2006)

Joshua Parmenter:
Theta (IV. Ritardando) for viola and live electronics (2006-7)

Shulamit Ran:
Perfect Storm for viola solo (2010)

Heinrich Taube:
Tacoma Narrows for viola and tape (2006)

Diane Thome:
And Yet... for viola and computer realized sound (2006)

Cuong Vu:
Porch Music for viola and trumpet (2015)

Andrew Waggoner:
Litany for viola and cello (2013)
Elle s’enfuit for viola and piano (2008)
Collines parmi étoiles... for solo viola (2003)

Anna Weesner:
Flexible Parts for viola and piano (2008)

Frances White/James Pritchett:
As night falls for violin, viola, narrator and electronic sound (2012)