Compositions written for MELIA WATRAS
Photo by Michelle Smith-Lewis

Photo by Michelle Smith-Lewis


Charles Corey:
In Paradisum for viola and Harmonic Canon (2017)

Brent Michael Davids:
Viola Jokes for viola and tenor (2005)

Orlando Jacinto Garcia:
the clouds receding into the mountains for solo viola and chamber orchestra (2017)

Richard Karpen:
Tertium Quid for violin, viola and piano (2015)
Bicinium for violin and viola (2014)
Aperture for amplified viola and interactive electronics (2006)

Garth Knox:
Stranger for viola and viola d'amore (2014)

Shih-Wei Lo:
Timelapse/Gesture for amplified viola (2011)

Juan Pampin:
Nada for viola and live electronics (2006)

Joshua Parmenter:
Theta (IV. Ritardando) for viola and live electronics (2006-7)

Shulamit Ran:
Perfect Storm for viola solo (2010)

Heinrich Taube:
Tacoma Narrows for viola and tape (2006)

Diane Thome:
And Yet... for viola and computer realized sound (2006)

Cuong Vu:
Porch Music for viola and trumpet (2015)

Andrew Waggoner:
Litany for viola and cello (2013)
Elle s’enfuit for viola and piano (2008)
Collines parmi étoiles... for solo viola (2003)

Anna Weesner:
Flexible Parts for viola and piano (2008)

Frances White/James Pritchett:
As night falls for violin, viola, narrator and electronic sound (2012)