“An artist of commanding and poetic personality.”

The Strad:
“Staggeringly virtuosic.”
“A beautiful celebration of 21st century viola music.”

“She is first and foremost, an artist.”
“Throughout, Watras shows that the viola has no limits in terms of emotional range and expression. These are, quite simply, great stories told with power and passion.”
“Melia Watras presents a provocative, relentlessly absorbing recital of profoundly expressive, experience- laden music that could only be written for the dark-voiced instrument that she plays.”

Q2 Music (WQXR-NYC):
“If ass-kicking in classical music could be likened to that of late-80’ s-to-early-90’ s action heroes, Melia Watras is a Jean-Claude Van Damme of the viola.”

Seattle Times:
“Velocity that seems beyond the reach of human fingers.”

Chicago Reader (Best of 2015 list):
“Seattle-based violist Melia Watras knocked the wind out of me with the dramatically dark beauty of this recording.”

Les Dernieres Nouvelles D’Alsace (France):
“Rare refinement.”

An Earful:
“She's not waiting for new viola music - she's commissioning it, or writing it herself. Artists in any medium could learn from her energetic example. Long may she reign!”
“Watras and [pianist Winston] Choi are such consummate musicians. It's a shame [composer George] Rochberg didn't live to hear their performance - I doubt it can be bettered.”

American Record Guide:
“Watras is a terrific violist.”
“An amazing feat of bow control and virtuosity.”

Second Inversion:
“This is an album that does more than just show off virtuosity: it showcases Melia Watras’ bravery as a performer and composer.”

Journal of the American Viola Society:
“Lush sound, expressive phrasing, and facility.”

Northwest Public Radio:
“A commanding and dynamic performance.”